About Us



A great place for specialized medical services, rehabilitation and care.

The hospital was founded by two investors. Mr. Hassan Kipusi a business man in Dar es Salaam and Dr. Saburi Kilunga a professional doctor. The hospital started it operation in 2019 March and is fast growing and currently seeing 100+ patient daily in OPD. The Hospital is growing every year, expanding its health services and upgrading its healh facilities for efficiency during service delivering. The expansion programme has emphasised the introduction of high-quality, high-technology laboratory, medicine, radiology services and Dialysis.

4+ years of experience, certified doctors & using modern technology

Our mission.

To improve and promote the health of the community through provision of quality and safe patient care using reliable treatment, technology and committed staff.

Our Vission.

A reliable provider of excellent and efficient patient care.

Core values.

Treat our patients, staff, and community with care, empathy, and dignity.

Adhere to professional standards, ethics and personal responsibility.

Team work
value contribution of all, blending skills of each individual staff.

Be reliable and responsible to our patient, staff, and our work.

Patient centred
ensuring that the patient satisfaction always comes first.

to continuously innovate in our approaches and strategies in offering our services.

We are your choice.

Because of the following.

Standards of Treatment.

Best and Quality service is what you must expect from us.

Infection Prevention.

We are ready to prevent any kind of infections to patient or to our staffs.

Quality of Care Services.

No excuses for poor services.

Patient Experience.

Our patient know much about us, they have a feeling of humour for what they got from us.

Well Communication.

Your calls, Messages or Emails and voice matter, Communication channels to reach us are many.

4+ Years Experience

We have a 4+ Years Experience and best Medical facilities.

Manage your healthcare.

We are champions on these.

General Surgery

Internal Medicine








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