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Malolo Our History

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How Malolo Hospital help of your Residential

Malolo Hospital and the School of Health Sciences is non-Government and non-Religious affiliated organization, duly registered under company ordinance act 2002 with registration Number 145219. The hospital is located in Tabora Municipal along Ujiji road in Malolo ward. Our organization formed to bring a degree of experience, dedication and professionalism to the health service industry that will bring positive impact to the community. Our commitment is to give the best health care with affordable cost coupled with high standards of customer care.

Standards of Treatment

Best and Quality service is what you must expect from us.

Infection Prevention

We are ready to prevent any kind of infections to patient or to our staffs.

Quality of Care Services

No excuses for poor services.

Patient Experience

Our patient know much about us, they have a feeling of humour for what they got from us.

Well Communication

Your calls, Messages or Emails and voice matter, Communication channels to reach us are many.

4+ Years Experience

We have a 4+ Years Experience and best Medical facilities.


How Malolo Hospital Started.



We Officially Registered as a Regional Hospital

After registration we started to employ experianced people but no service provided at that year. We dicided to find experianced people because our visibility studies revealed the huge mountan we had to win people trust on our services. We formed a strong team which work together in providing best services to our people.
Certificates copies.



Services started.

We started to provide health services to people, at the beginning the number was too small because very few people knew us, but surprisingly, every individual customer who visited our Hospital become our Agent willingly and the number started to rise until the mid of the year we got a title.

We started with Specialists clinics by hiring Orthopedist, Physician, Radiologist and General Surgeon. At the end of the year, the Pandemic disturbed as the way it did to others health centers, we can say at the whole region we were frontliners in fighting Covid19 pandemic. Sadlly some of our staffs passed away but we maintained our services standards.
Emergency cases management.



Specialists services & HMIS:

We started to work with Seasonal specialists camps like ENT, Eye and worked with The Same Qualities Foundation to provide services to children with Cleft Palate defects.

We hired Health Management Information System in order to improve our work performance interm of services provision, Data Management, and eliminating human errors.
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Online Claims.

We opted to submit our claims electronically to eliminate paper works and delaying of our claims where by all claims which might take a whole week to submit manualy to Health Insurances, we can do it per day. This improved our works and eleiminated tedious processes of carying all patients files to Health Insurances offices. Untill now we are the only Hospital in Tabora Region which claims Online.
Online claims.


2022 - 2023

Rising of others Clinics.

At the end of 2022, we planned to open others clinics and at the begining of 2023, we started with Pediatric, followed Physiotherapy services, then Dental, now we are in the process of starting Eye clinics.
Clinics-Physio service.