About this Interface.

Description: Welcome to the Library section of our website! Here, you can find a wealth of resources related to blood groups and weight vs height analysis. We offer two main features: Blood Group Prediction and BMI Calculation.

  1. Blood Group Prediction:
    Are you curious about what blood group your child might have? Our Blood Group Prediction tool can help you with that. Simply enter the blood groups of both parents, and our algorithm will provide you with the possible blood groups of the children. It's a handy tool for understanding the inheritance patterns of blood groups.
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  2. Weight vs Height Analysis:
    Interested in exploring the relationship between your weight and height? Our Weight vs Height resources can provide you with valuable insights. You can find useful information about this topic. Additionally, we offer a BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator, which allows you to determine your BMI based on your weight and height. BMI is a useful indicator of overall health and can help you assess if you're within a healthy weight range or not, also it gives you best recomendations based on your risk category.
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