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Clinical Departments

Internal Medicine

Our specialty of internal medicine covers a wide range of conditions affecting the internal organs of the body - the heart, the lungs, the liver and gastro-intestinal tract, the kidneysand others.Complications related to Cardiac and Hypertension/ Blood Pressure, Diabetes Mellitus &Renal.


Orthopedic work efficiently in the presence of modern imaging facilities like X-Ray machine, Ultrasound Machine and CT-Scan, also physiotherapy help in management of the patient situation. We perform surgeries related to musculoskeletal conditions, like bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons.


Deals with female reproductive system, like uterus, ovaries, vagina, and breasts, we conduct routine gynecological exams, Managing pregnancy and childbirth, Performing surgery, counseling and education. Expect comfort,Confidentiality and privacy,and hygienic environment.

General Surgery

Our Surgeons perform a wide range of surgeries involving the digestive tract, endocrine system, and other organs and tissues in the abdomen, chest, and neck, includes Appendectomy, Hernia repair, Biopsy, Colostomy and others. ommunication, Patient comfort and safety are considered.


Comprises of team of trained professionals and modern equipments like modern X-ray machines, CT scanners, ultrasound machines. It comply with safety standards to protect patients and staff from exposure to radiation, we provide Patient comfort during examinations.


Licensed and certified pharmacists with reliable supply of high-quality medication and able to communicate their findings and ideas effectively, both in writing and verbally. They comply with all relevant regulations and guidelines and provide good customer service to patient.


We provide patience and empathy to childrean in order to understand their needs, our enviroments are child-friendly and we ensure continuity of your child-care because we store all data safely for easy management of early symptoms of any child.This department is led by a doctor specialized in children health.


The procedures done by trained and certified professionals, we have necessary equipment to perform the procedure like endoscope, camera, monitor, and other necessary instruments. Also we follow standard infection control procedures to minimize the risk of infection and ensure patient safety


Our Laboratory adhere to strict quality control protocols to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results, accredited by a recognized accreditation agency. Through a team of experienced and qualified staff, modern and reliable equipment, we provide timely and efficient Services

Our Working Team

Group of Certified & Experienced personels.

By understanding and respecting everybody profession on dealing with issues, our Hospital is madeup of people from different professions in order to ensure efficiency in delivering our services.

Mr. Mollel


The administration of Justice is the firmest pillar of leading people.

Dr. Mtui Emanuel

Chief of Clinical Services

Kindness is a Language deaf can hear and blind can see, our patient deserve kindness.

Mr. Shaaban Sanane

Chief Financial Officer.

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Standards of Treatment.

Best and Quality service is what you must expect from us.

Infection Prevention.

We are ready to prevent any kind of infections to patient or to our staffs.

Quality of Care Services.

No excuses for poor services.

Patient Experience.

Our patient know much about us, they have a feeling of humour for what they got from us.

Well Communication.

Your calls, Messages or Emails and voice matter, Communication channels to reach us are many.

4+ Years Experience

We have a 4+ Years Experience and best Medical facilities.


Daily number.

We receive more than 150 patients daily by approximation, some are new and some are revisit.

16 +

Expert Doctors.

The medical professional doctors available in the clinic.


Partners Health insurances.

We work with more than eight trusted health insurances.


Google Rates.

Honoured by online community by ***** rating.


Satisfied Patients Reviews

Asanteni sana, huduma kwa wateja ipo vizuri. Nawapongeza.


Nilipofika nilistaajabu kwa muonekano wa hospitali hii kwani inavutia sana, maandhari yake tulivu mno na kuna ulinzi wa kutosha getini na ndani ya hospitali. Muundo wake ni wa ghorofa ambapo unaweza tumia ngazi ama lift kufikia vyumba vya juu. Ni hospitali ya kisasa, inatoa huduma nyingi mno ikiwemo upasuaji, ufamasia na huduma za maabara. Pia inavifaa vya kisasa ikiwemo mashine za Ultrasound, mashine za kidijitali za X-ray, ECP, Endoscope na Diagnostic Laparoscope. Zaidi ina huduma nzuri ya utunzaji wa nyaraka na kumbukumbu za wagonjwa ili kurahisisha utendaji aa kazi katika kumuhudumia mgonjwa.

George Bugalu

Very nice Hospital with very nice Service providers. There are exprienced Medical Doctors and nurses. Lab is well equipped and have modern imaging technology like X-ray, C T scan and ultrasound.

Delphinus Chritopher

Nilipofika nilistaajabu kwa muonekano wa hospitali hii kwani inavutia sana, maandhari yake tulivu mno na kuna ulinzi wa kutosha getini na ndani ya hospitali.Muundo wake ni wa ghorofa ambapo unaweza tumia ngazi ama lift kufikia vyumba vya juu.

George Bugalu

I appreciate your hospital really good environment and excellent patient care. You are continuously handle patient treatment wonderfully. It is the best Hospital at Tabora town.

Patrick Kuziwa

It is a new investment that has increased the availability of quality specialized hospital services in Tabora.

Yahya Ipuge

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